Thursday 10 May 2012

Why Does My Gas Fire Need Servicing?

What is a service?

Whilst a gas safety check assesses the basic safety of a gas appliance a service will consist of a full check of a gas appliance and the engineer is likely to take the appliance apart to inspect it. The engineer will assess the physical condition of the appliance, installation pipework, air vents and any flues for deterioration. They will carry out performance tests and take any necessary remedial action.
Appliances should be serviced regularly in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Some manufactuers that offer extended warranties, such as Crystal Fires (5 Years) Verine (7 Years) Kinder (7 Years) require an annual service to maintain the extended warranty. Servicing your gas appliances regularly will make sure they are safe to use. It will also maintain your appliances efficiency and performance.

Signs that your appliances need servicing?

Gas appliances should be serviced regularly but if you notice any of the warning signs below you should arrange for a Gas Safe registered engineer to service your appliance as soon as possible:
  • Your gas appliance is not working properly
  • Your appliance is burning with a lazy yellow flame instead of a crisp blue flame
  • You can see black marks or stains on or around  your gas appliances
  • The pilot light keeps going out
  • There is increased condensation in the room

What if my engineer identifies a problem with my gas appliance?

All Gas Safe registered engineers must follow the Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure (GIUSP) when assessing the risks of an unsafe gas appliance. The guidance provides 'best practice' advice to Gas Safe registered engineers on how they should deal with various gas safety concerns which may affect your safety. 

It is very important that you get your gas fire service annually not only because it prolongs the life of your appliance but also it reduces the chances of your appliance malfunctioning and potentially cause lethal carbon monoxide poisoning. Also if you are a landlord with a tenanted home featuring a gas fire you must make sure that you always maintain and service you appliance and also hold a valid Landlord's Certificate.

If you do not know or simply can not remember when your gas fire last had its service, then please contact a GasSafe installer to arrange a much needed service - save your money and possibly your life.

What a typical service can include:

  • Remove glass front or door assembly
  • Clean out assembly
  • Inspect burner and catalysts and clean if necessary (where applicable)
  • Turn off gas supply
  • Remove burner unit and burner pipes and clean
  • Clean in-line restrictor, pilot assembly and burner pipes
  • Re-assemble components
  • Turn gas supply back on and test for leaks
  • Refit assembly and/or casing
  • Check ventilation
  • Re-light fire and test setting pressure
  • Check safe operation of the appliance

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