Friday 4 May 2012

Drugasar Metro 80XT

With Drugasar fires becoming ever more popular DRU have unveiled a new addition to the top-of-the line Metro range. The Metro 80XT is the smallest model in the popular Metro range and brings the same top of the range features of the Metro 100XT and Metro 130 into a smaller package, allowing it to be installed in properties or locations that perhaps would not be suited to a larger Metro Fire.
The unique burner spreads the fire across the entire width and depth. The raised pane provides an even lovelier, bigger flame picture, further adding to the claim that Drugasar Gas fires are among the most realistic on the market. The fire can either have a log set or white Carrara pebbles, allowing you the choice of a ultra contemporary hole in the wall style fireplace with white pebbles and Ceraglass reflective interior, or perhaps a more traditional finish with a log fuel effect.
While certainly looking the part, its lower heat output of 5.1kW makes this fire ideal for smaller living spaces, or as additional heating in the well-insulated modern home.

The Metro 80XT also benefits from the luxury of the Drugasar Balanced Flue System, meaning you do not need to have a chimney to enjoy the flickering gas flames practically anywhere in the house, regardless of whether you have a chimney.

As you can see in the video, left, the real gas flames are high a bright, really giving the impression of a real wood fire, this combined with the new glow material means that you get an even more realistic flame effect and glow effect along the base of the flames.

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