Saturday 26 May 2012

Product Focus: BeModern

We've taken you behind the scenes at Bemodern, given you the company history, now it's time for us to have a look at some of their products that caught our eye.

Lets start with the ever-popular Bemodern Orlando, this hang on the wall electric fire launched the LED style flame effect a few years ago, but age does not appear to have dampened the popularity, with a price of just £299 from Fireplace Megastore and boasting features normally reserved for higher priced products such as remote control, ambient mood lighting and thermostatic control.
Available in both a 36inch or 42 inch flat black glass fascia as well as a very contemporary 36 inch curved that does an excellent job of masking the depth the fire comes out of the wall.

Next we take a look at the Bemodern Portia Fireplace Surround, this stunning micro marble fireplace surround features incredible detailing on the inside of the pillars and roman arch gives the Portia a softer appearance than similar fireplaces on the market. At first glance, another feature that stands out on the Portia is the 5 sided hearth. This, much like the curved fascia for the Orlando can soften the depth of the hearth, but for those with pre-cut carpet never fear. The Portia is available with the standard 3 sided square hearth.

Featuring a standard 16.5 x 22.5 inch fireplace opening, the Bemodern Portia Fireplace Surround will be suitable for most gas and electric fires.

But that is not all the Portia has to offer, just wave your hand under the mantle and the optional LED Downlights burst into life, so even when the fire itself isn't on, your fireplace can still be a focal point of the room. The motion sensor means no more fiddly switches, just a gentle wave of the hand you can turn these elegant, and energy saving, LED lights on and off.

  Last, but certainly not least, we showcase one of Bemodern's new LED inset electric fires, The Bemodern Lexus. These fires use the same groundbreaking flame effect that is featured in the Orlando and combine it with a unique trim design. The Bemodern Lexus is just one of these inset electric fires, available in Brass, Black or Contemporary Chrome this fire would suit almost any interior design. While the independent flame effect means you can enjoy the low-energy flame effect without any heat, but for that quick burst of heat, the Bemodern Lexus features a 2kW fan heater to quickly circulate heat around the room.

The real beauty about this fire itself is how well thought out the design of trim is. Available with two types of trim; A standard trim for fully inset fitting, that also comes with two spacers for semi-inset or fully outset fitting. Or a deep trim that allows the fire to be fitted into a surround with a 75mm rebate and requiring no further depth in the wall!

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