Friday 23 September 2011

The Woodfuel Cycle

In a bid to help both customers and retailers better understand and appreciate woodland management and firewood production, Hereford based firewood producer, Certainly Wood has just launched it's first YouTube video.
Entitled The Woodfuel Cycle, the four and a half minute video chronicles the journey from forest to stove and every stage in between.
Commenting on the video, Managing Director Nic Snell said: "This medium provides us with the perfect way to show our customers what goes into the production of firewood and offers an insight into the sacle of our operation in jsut a few minutes. It is a brilliant way to bring the process to life. We hope the video will help those retailers who have not had a chance to visit us and better understand the process. They can also use it in their showrooms and link to it via their websites to promote the importance of burning kiln dried logs"
Certainly Wood are planning to launch more videos throughout the year focusing on specific aspects of the business.

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