Tuesday 20 September 2011

The Ultimate Electric Suite Range by Europa Fireplaces

Europa Fireplaces have just released the great news thatthey have expanded their range of complete electric suites. If they don’t havethe largest selection of electric suites then it is one of the largest electricsuite ranges in the UK and with the range comes quantity and plenty of quality.
Why electric suites? Well electric fires are usually 100% efficient, andusually when included as part of a complete suite they are very popular and canusually be plugged into a standard UK plug point and operated. Another majoradvantage of an electric suite is they do not require additional ventilationinto a room, and in many cases can simply be pushed up against a flat wall,plugged in and start supplying the room with instant heat, and an instant gorgeousfocal point or feature to the room.
Europa Fireplaces know all this, and have put their knowledge and expertise inthe fireplace industry to exceptional use. Europa obviously understands that everyone’shome is a little different and that the individual has differing needs andexpectations from a fireplace or indeed electric fire suite.
The recently unveiled Europa Fireplace electric suite range has something foreveryone, and as you can imagine therefore is a comprehensively large range ofcomplete electric suites.
The stone effect that has been used within some of the suites is a MarfilMicro-marble stone effect., this stone effect has become extremely popular inrecent times and uses actual stone or marble that has been crushed, which easesin the transportation of the stone, marble or rock, that is then molded andcompressed into a desirable fireplace shape. In order to do this they have touse something to stick the pieces of stone back together, a resin is used to dothis, but surprisingly usually only 4% of the Marfil will be resin. The effectthis creates is one that is exceptionally realistic, not only to the eye, butto touch too, and because it is less expensive to transport the saving ispassed onto the consumer which allows a much cheaper RRP or SSP.
The wood effect finishes have also had superb consideration and resulted in awide collection of wooden effects that range from natural effect oak, clear oakand mahogany that when married with the stylish Marfil effect, and designermodern, contemporary and traditional electric fires with  suitable fuel bed effects.
The overall collection of products from Europa Fireplaces is therefore one thathas supreme quality and class, which provides an ideal electric fireplacesolution for any home with a mains electric supply and raises the bar for therest of the electric fire suite manufacturers.

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