Saturday 3 September 2011

New Range of High Efficiency Cast Iron Inserts

Anyone browsing through the current gallery brochure will come across a range of H/E (High Effiency) gas fires availble with the Pembroke, Jubilee and Lytton casts. These are a nice change from the traditional cast iron arch gas fire which is normally advertised as "decorative use only", basically meaning that a majority of the heat (and money to run the fire) is being wasted straight up the chimney and outside, not normally the aim of a gas fire indoors.

The High Efficiency range combine the traditional and amazing focal point of a traditional cast iron arch with the modern glass fronted technology to offer something that not only is rustic and built from such a tangible material as iron but also offers a heat output comparable to a standard inset gas fire.

There is nothing better than sitting in front of a lovely warm fire, I find that you even feel that extra bit warmer knowing that most of the heat is coming into your room and not just being wasted up the chimney.

Gallery have decided to make these non internet sold items and therfore must not be sold by distance selling, this is part of a plan to allow shops to have a range of fireplaces
exclusive to them and it also means that purely internet based companies cannot undercut the market.
These items are now available from the Fireplace Megastore showroom in Deeside, North Wales

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