Monday 19 September 2011

How Not To Install A Wood Burning Stove

Just a quick video to show the difference it can make using experienced, recommended fitters to install your wood burning stove.

The client had seen the work we had carried out in their next door neighbours house and wanted the same in theirs. They had their builder carry out the work to the fireplace and were going to give us a call regarding installation of the stove. They had other workmen in the house at the time who said they could arrange for the stove to be fitted as they had a friend who fitted them. The client assumed that all fitters would install his appliance to the same standard but soon found this not to be the case.

We were called out to tidy up the installation as the client was not happy with how it had been left........we did this and it was a good job he called us in as the register plate had been made from flammable material and also the stainless flexi liner was installed upside down.....this doesn't sound like a big deal bit it will take your liners life expectancy from 20 years down to a possible 5 due to condensation getting between the two skins causing the liner to corrode prematurely.

In the end the client was delighted but unfortunately had to pay for the installation twice. He had no comeback on the installer as he was a friend of a friend and didn't want to cause upset.............the installer also wasn't HETAS Registered so there was no paperwork or notification given to building control. This would be mostly likely to render his home insurance invalid should he have had a fire caused by the stove.

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