Wednesday 7 September 2011

What's an Inset Stove?

What's an Inset Stove? well these stoves are a relatively new concept on the stove market place. Normal traditional stoves are outset, by this it means that if you wish to move an outset stove you can, the stove is not fixed into position in any other way then the flue pipe and a gas or electric connection when fueled by such sources.These traditionally designed stoves can be inset into an area, but it is usually recommended that the stove would have certain clearance distances, so although they may be inset it would only be in a open fireplace setting or into a purpose built chamber area.
Inset stoves on the other hand are designed to be fitted into a fireplace much like a gas or electric fire would be. The front of the inset stove is visible and operational and the rest of the stove hidden in the chimney with suitable back paneling.
Inset stoves are generally made from cast iron, as are most other stoves as this material proves excellent in efficiently radiating heat into a room. They can be made to look more contemporary by adding steel design or fascias and work not only by radiating heat through the cast iron or steel but by also heating the air that is then convected into the room, this makes the inset stove a very efficient way to heat the room and when in operation the stoves air circulation allows not only the fuels to be burnt, but the particles of fuel that are in the smoke are combusted once again before being expelled through the flue and out through the chimney.
I hope your still with me, and not too confused, but it gets a little easier to understand from here on. Inset stoves are are in the limelight at the moment mainly due to the fact that they are extremely Eco-friendly, not only due to the great efficiency of them, and the ease to install, but because they use renewable sources to operate, like most stoves they comprehensively burn wood, as well as peat, coal, etc. and they may also be left to burn for several hours which ensures a warm room in the morning, and as the winter draws nearer we all enjoy entering a warm room on a cold morning, and knowing we're doing are bit for the environment.

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