Monday 30 April 2012

Rugby Captains Calls On Wales To Switch To Wood Fuel

Welsh rugby legend JPR Williams is calliing on householders to help Wales become a low carbon nation by switching to more carbon neutral wood fuel.
JPR Williams In Action
The former Welsh and British Lions fullback has been using a wood-burning stove to heat his home in the Vale of Glamorgan forthe best part of a decade and is backing a new campaign by Woodfuel Wales, the Welsh Government funded body wich represents all sectors of the Welsh wood industry.
The campaign is encouraging people to use wood as a more carbon-friendly way of fuelling the home and follows reports that Wales was almost half way towards meeting the 2015 target to reduce Carbon Emissions by 40%.
The call by JPR Williams comes as the Wales rugby team is coming off a Grand Slam performance  in the Six Nations Tournament and is appealing for people to focus on supporting the nation's future as well as their rugby team. "Wales is a passionate nation and when we get behind something we have the power to make great things happen. If the Welsh nation could use even a quarter of the support it gives out Rugby team and put it towards protecting its environmental future then we would be well on our way to preversing our beautiful country for generations to come. I have used wood fuel to heat my entire home for many years now and I know that our heat supply comes from a reliable source.We buy our logs from a company based just six miles away helping reduce our carbon footprint even more, whilst also supporting a local industry and jobs."
According to Woodfuel Wales, using wood as a form of fuel is one of the best ways people can reduce thier carbon footprint and help slow down the effect of climate change, as Nic Snell, Managed Director Of Certainly Wood and Chair of Woodfuel Wales, explains: "The greenhouse gases we all produce through our day-to-day activities, including the wya we heat our homes are all factors contributing to climate change. Wood is a carbon neutral fuel that is greener and more sustainable than any other form of non-renewable fuel. It can offer savings in terms of energy efficiency and we have a plentiful, sustainable resource here in Wales."

Woodfueld Wales also claims more people are realising the benefits of switching to wood, as official member statistics released by the Stove Industry Alliance in Autumn 2011 showed a 32% growth (year on year) in the sales of wood burning stoves.
Nic Snell continued: "As the prices for oil and gas have risen in the past year, we and our members are seeing that wood fuel is being viewed as a more viable option than ever. Over the next decade, we can grow as fossil fuels deplete, making people realise that Welsh Forestry provides one of the best renewable energy resources in Wales."

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