Friday 6 April 2012

Electric Heating... An Insight

Heaters are still very much in demand to supplement or boost central heating systems.  They can take the edge off a very harsh winter; or eliminate the need for full central heating in spring and autumn. Follow our advice on heaters, and you’ll soon be feeling toasty!

Types of heater

Before you rush out to buy a heater – as they’re often emergency purchases - it’s worth taking time to work out where it will go and what it’s needed for.

Fan heaters

Fan heaters are popular because they are relatively inexpensive and very portable.  Cool air from the room is blown over a heated element by a fan, with the heated air then blown back into the room. This makes them good for spot heating, where heat is needed in a specific place, like being blown in your direction as you sit and watch TV.
Check out the Burley Chilton 128 Electric Stove which combines a realistic flame effect and 2kW fan heater to help create the warm ambience as well as heating the air in the room. For small-to-medium rooms, choose the Broseley York Grande Electric Stove, this offers 800watts more power than any other fan heater on the market, combined with the authentic cast iron body and one of the best flame effects on the market mean you will not feel cold with this stove in your front room..

Convector heaters

Convector heaters are used for constant background heating rather then instant results, because they need time to warm up. They’re usually suitable for all room sizes.
Convectors work by heating the air inside the appliance; this then rises out of the top of the heater and into the room.  Cooler air is drawn through the bottom as a result of the hot air rising up through the appliance and the process continues.
The Esse Solo Victorian Electric Stove is a luxury model that silently heats the room using a powerful 2kW convection heater, using the cast iron panels to bring more heat into the room. These models differ from fan heaters and don't require the fan on in order to operate – useful if you want silent operation.

Heated towel rails

A useful alternative to bathroom radiators, towel rails are permanently liquid filled for maintenance-free operation. They can be mounted for left- or right-hand cable entry and are hardwired into a power spur in your bathroom. Some towel rails such as the Stelrad Arc Radiator can be plumbed into your central heating system. Creating a stunning, contemporary finish to any new bathroom. The Stelrad range do not just work well as towel radiators in bathrooms, they would work brillaintly in a kitchen, shown left, or other similar space to create a functional heating appliance that takes up less space than a traditional radiator.

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