Sunday 8 April 2012

The DRU app, as easy as 1, 2, 3(D)!

The new DRU app makes use of ‘augmented reality’ technology. This means you can project your favourite fire or gas fire in 3D into any required virtual environment, including your own living room!
The DRU app is very simple to use. Stick the ‘marker’ in the place you wish to install your fire, select one of the six DRU fires from the app menu, aim the camera of your smartphone or tablet at the marker and hey presto … the fire of your choice will appear, in 3D!
Follow the steps described and pictured, and within just a few minutes you have a clear idea of what your favourite fire will look like in your own home. 

What do you need?

Download and print out the marker
The DRU app gives the best graphic reproduction with an A3 marker. If you do not have an A3 printer, follow the instructions below:
  • Download and print out the pdf A4 marker
  • Cut or clip off the white edge on both pages
  • Stick the 2 A4 sheets together, to create a single large image
  • Your marker is ready for use
Share it with your friends!
You can now share the fire of your choice with your family and friends: simply take a photograph of the end result, and post it on Facebook!

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