Tuesday 20 December 2011

Manufacturer Focus: BFM Europe

In this edition of manufacturer focus we look at probably one of the largest manufacturer's in the industry, BFM Europe. Producers of Verine, Flavel, Kinder, Portway and Celsi fires, producing everything from the Portway Steel and Cast Iron Stoves and the traditional Flavel Outset Gas Fires, to more contemporary gas and electric fires such as the Verine Carmelo HE, Kinder Limours and not forgetting the incredibly popular Celsi electric fires.
With both manufacture and design facilities at thier Stoke-On-Trent location BFM Europe has grown into one of the fastest growing manufacturer's in the country, with an increasing reputation for quality and service. With all the brands offering a minimum of 12 months warranty, with Flavel offering 3 years, Verine 5 years and Kinder offering 7 years warranty. Showing just how much faith they have in their products. 

The company is based in Stoke-on-Trent with a 51,000 sq ft purpose built plant, housing the most up-to-date manufacturing, sales and training facilities in the industry, including:
  • The latest CNC sheet metal technology that guarantees precision engineering.
  • An experienced R&D department, constantly developing innovative products and pushing the boundaries of technology and aesthetics.
  • A purpose built laboratory for testing prototypes and pre-production models.

"At BFM Europe we know how important it is to create a stylish and relaxing living environment. That's why we have developed this collection of fires and stoves to suit all tastes and purposes. I believe our success stems from a combination of innovative design, investment in technology and the highest quality manufacturing standards. This website has been designed to make the purchase of your new fire as simple as possible. I hope you find it both informative and inspiring." Michael Miller, Managing Director

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