Sunday 4 December 2011

Evonic Fires: Manufacturer Focus

Evonic Fires is a brand of CK Fires, situated just outside of Stratford-Upon-Avon, Birthplace of none other the Shakesphere himself and surrounded by culture and history, you can find Evonic Fires on the banks of the river avon.

Evonic Fires have been working hard to bring you one of the widest choices of quality electric fires, built in Britain and exclusively available through retail outlets so you wont find them for sale from any online only companies. Evonic Fires belieive, as do many fire & fireplace retailers, that to get the best service and to truly get the fire you are looking for requires face-to-face interaction with a highly trained member of showroom staff. You can truly pick their brains as it were to get the knowledge, facts and most importantly the most informed choice when it comes to choosing your fire.

The Evonic Fires range includes both inset and wall mounted fires alongside electric stoves, utilising the latest technologies in 3D LED technology  which produce arguably one of the most beautiful flame effects for just £1.00 per year.

Alongside the wonderful products such as the Endeavour 3D, Euphoria, Pioneer and Discovery 3D Evonic Fires also offer peace of mind, offering a 2 year warranty instead of the statutory 12 months offered by most.

Available from all good independent showroom retailers, including Fireplace Megastore, support the British ecomony in these tough times and buy British.

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