Friday 21 January 2011

New Range Of Apex Stoves

Apex have recently released a new range of stoves to supply the increasing demand for that traditional stove look and feel. With energy prices shooting up and up (again!) and modern gas fires or stoves simply not offering the feel and look of a traditional wood burner.

This new range of Apex stoves all feature a full heavy guage cast iron body, incorporating a dual wall. This eliminates the need fpr traditional firebricks to line the interior of the stove, offering larger internal space so producing more heat for less space!

As with most stoves on the market they also feature an airwash system the keep the window clean and allow the glow from the fire to radiate out into the room, further adding to the experience of a wood burning stove!
These brand new Apex stoves also come with supremely high quality heat resistant glass to ensure that your view of the burning logs inside is never compromised.

The smallest of the new range is the Apex Newbury wood burning stove, this smaller sized stove offers a maximum heat output of 5kW making it ideal for smaller living spaces! This traditionally styled stove combines traditional styling with modern technology to offer a high heat output, highlighted with brass handles and hinges that help break up the traditional matt black cast iron finish as well as traditional detailing on both the air control spinners and around the top of the stove and door, creating a stove that rivals the Aga Little Wenlock is size, but offers a higher heat output and at a lower price, meaning The Apex Newbury is great value for money!

A stove offering slightly more heat output over the Newbury is the Apex Keighley, this stove offers up to 9kW of heat output and offers the same high-quality finish that all the other Apex stoves boast. Unlike the Newbury the Keighley features chrome controls to contrast the matt black finish. The Keighley offers a larger viewing window with a traditional and stylish arch detailing that offers style without compromising views on the fire inside. The Keighley also boasts traditional engraved detailing around the door and relief detailing down each side of the stove. As with all the Apex Stoves the Keighley also comes with adjustable air controls, these mean the fire can be "adjusted" to burn slower and provide background heat or give out the maximum 9kW of heat for those cold wintry nights.

The largest in terms of size of the new Apex fires range is the Henley, this stove offers a maximum heat output of 9.5kW, more than enough to heat even some of the more spacious living spaces.
The Henley again features the same traditional styling with textured areas on the stove and the traditional column-esque detailing supporting the top of the stove.

All of the above Apex stoves are now available from Fireplace Supermarket and come complete with removable ashpan, log grate and heat resistant glove.

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