Friday 28 January 2011

Be Modern Fire Surround Sets

Be modern have a range of fire surround sets, these sets include the mantle surround, back panel and hearth. Each product within the range come with set dimensions, however many have alternative finishes.

The be modern fire surround set include new products and existing products now available in a new material and a new finish. The materials used are either a micro-marble material, natural marble or natural black granite.

Using micro-marble will give you a stone or marble finish at a cheaper cost. This is due to the raw materials being easier to transport, less flaws in the finished product, more consistency in the colouring while keeping a marble feel and look.

Natural marble or granite are slightly more expensive, but can be used with solid or multi fuel products, micro-marble surrounds are not suitable for these fuel types as the heat emitted from them is much greater. The weight of the natural products is much more and the possible flaws or colour variations within the surrounds are viewed as part of the products aesthetic appeal. Natural Surround sets can be difficult to get replacement pieces for, if you manage to break a piece of back panel be warned, it may be very hard to match a new section of stone or marble to the existing piece. However this is not a problem that occurs very often once the product is installed and the fact that you have a unique surround set can be most appealing.

All of the surrounds shown are part of the newly released range and are all made to the highest of standard that is expected from this well known manufacturer be modern. All of the back panels are designed with a standard cut out that allows most gas and electric fires to easily be fitted. New and updated surround sets include the Carmelo, Roberto, Beatrice, Lucien and the Paloma. These surrounds sets are available from all respectable retailers and are usually delivered directly from the manufacturer to the delivery address or direct from the stockist or supplier.

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