Tuesday 25 January 2011

Manufacturer Focus: Drugasar

In May 1754, a sales contract was signed for the building of a new blast furnace between Johan Baptist van den Dergh and a few local entrepreneurs in Ulft, the Netherlands. The project was the beginning of the company that is the modern day Drugasar, some 250 years later!
The company is called De Koninklijke Diepenbrock en Reugers if Ulft, or in short Drugasar or DRU.
Drugasar started out as a blast furnace, producing a large range of products from cast iron, DRU pots and pans are still particularly well known. At the beginning of the 1960's when natural gas was discovered in the Netherlands DRU switched to producing gas fireplaces. DRU is now one of the oldest industrial companies in the Netherlands.

Now, Drugasar is a modern company that continues to specialise in producing high-quality and unique fireplaces. It is the largest producer of closed combustion fireplaces in Europe, and has operations in three countries and a dealership that spans most of Europe. This independent company with a well-established foundation is proud of its industrial heritage and has even been awarded the prestigious designation of Supplier to the Royal Dutch Court.

Drugasar Gas and Electric Fires have been designed to bring out the best in your living room – contemporary or traditional.
You will have no shortage of choice, with a large variety of gas and electric fires available, each with its own selection of trim, colour and fuel effect. So you are sure to find a combination that will harmonise with your lifestyle.

"DRU gas fires are not simply pleasing to the eye, they are among the most advanced heating appliances on the planet."

Combining contemporary styling with modern gas technology, DRU gas fires provide all-round warmth and comfort as well as aesthetic appeal.

From simple but stunning frameless fires such as the Metro range, to more traditional designs such as the Passeo (shown right), DRU gas fires provide a wealth of choice.

And with the incredible efficiency of gas fires, especially using the DRU balanced flue system, with up to 85% efficiency, heating your home need not cost a fortune.

Unfortunately even the most beautiful Drugasar gas fire would be worthless if the house did not have a gas connection, or if your preference is for an electric fire, DRU do also do a stunning range of electric fires.

DRU electric fires combine the beauty of contemporary fireplace design with a unique operating system that creates the best realistic fire available anywhere.

The flame pattern is the closest to a gas fire you will ever see. And yet, because of its unique LED technology, it combines a generous 2 kw heat output with remarkably low energy consumption.

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