Thursday 27 January 2011

Electric Fireplace Suites

If you live in an abode with smaller proportions, be it an apartment or flat, or maybe you don’t have a chimney or live in rented accommodation and yearn for the homely fireplace feature in the living or dining room, then yearn no more, for electric fireplace suites may hold the solution.

Electric Fireplace Suites are as a rule are a complete unit, which comprise of the mantle, aka surround, the hearth and back panel, and of course the fire. These suites are almost always advertised assembled and thus make it easier to picture in homely surroundings. Electric fire suites are generally very easy to install, simply unwrap, place next to a flat wall, plug into a socket, and you’re in business.

Manufacturers and suppliers of these electric suites take care to ensure the most popular mantles and fire designs are paired together to ensure consumer interest, thus meaning bulk manufacturing can take place reducing the cost of the component parts of the suite. Electric suites tend to be light weight in construction; this lowers distribution and delivery costs and makes them easier to handle upon customer receivership.

The variation in the electric suites available is immense, from the latest contemporary fire suite with remote controls and LED technology, to traditional wooden fire suites with shelving and brass embellishments on the fire. It doesn’t take long to find the ideal look to suit any individual taste, so why be hassled buying the individual pieces of a fireplace at a higher cost? Unless designing a room with a particular bespoke finish.

Before purchasing an electric suite please be aware that not all suites arrive assembled, and they may not simply plug into an existing socket. Some electric suites have spot lights or down lights which generally use halogen lights or LED lights, be sure before purchase whether these need an alternative power supply or not to ensure complete satisfaction from the suite.

Electric fireplace suites are highly efficient, electric fires are more economical than other types of fire and are cleaner for the environment, (and usually require less cleaning, which is always a bonus).

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