Monday 24 January 2011

Celsi Electric Fires Are Hot For 2011

Celsi fires are British designed fire range that launched in the states in January 2010 and believed by many in the industry to have brought the most advance in technology for decades. With stunning design, state of the art technology and the highest level of manufacturing quality whilst still maintaining a safe, effective, high efficiency, environmentally respectful fire.

The first noticeable feature of the Celsi fire range is the design, whether as a more traditional hearth based (three sided) fire, or as a more contemporary wall mounted fire (Celsi curved or panoramic) the Celsi range deliver a crisp, clean, elegant style. The complete range of Celsi electric fires display a stunning visual fire effect and Celsi have used video in many of their marketing campaigns to show the realism of the fuel bed and flame effect (believing still pictures just don’t portray the overall quality of the LED fire).

Celsi fires realistic fuel bed and flame effect are digitally displayed with superb definition and offer the option to alternate the view between a blazing log, smouldering log or even a coal fuel effect. The speed of the flame flicker is adjustable too, and Celsi have incorporated appropriate sound effects to accompany the chosen fuel effect (which can be muted if and when required). Certain models boast mood lighting to highlight the fire and create the perfect ambiance.

Other innovative and practical features of the Celsi fires range include a sleep timer; this turns off the fire when set, and the digitally controlled thermostat; this allows an individuals preferred temperature to be regulated throughout the room, providing a constant temperature. This function when selected will alter the fires intensity of heat and air flow to achieve the required overall room temperature. The visual display uses LED technology and has adjustable picture brightness, so whatever the room lighting, optimum fire display is visible.

All features of the Celsi fire range are easily recognisable via the display icons, and the intuitive controls are operated by the stylish ergonomically designed remote control.

Build quality and safety are primary features of the Celsi fire range and they do not fail to deliver. Celsi have such confidence in their ranges manufacturing build quality that they offer a five year manufacturers warranty on their products. Safety is undertaken with vigorous product testing; features include stay cool glass, and no hot or incandescent parts. The Celsi electric fires are environmentally safe, with 100% heat efficiency and with a maximum heat output of 1.5kW (impressive for fires of this type).

There are other general benefits to using electric fires; they are usually extremely efficient, and better for the environment. Electric fires, including the Celsi range, are suitable to be used in most homes, they don’t need additional ventilation or flue requirements and most electric fires will simply plug into an existing electricity supply.

If you are considering purchasing an electric fire and want efficiency, technology, effectiveness and style then consider one of the innovative Celsi fires from the electric fire range which is available only at reputable retailers.

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