Sunday 17 February 2013

Wood-Burning Stove Diet

No New Year is complete without a trendy diet or two. With that in mind, Gr8 fires have come up with the Wood-Burning Stove Diet – the perfect way to keep your stove in shape for the year ahead.

Plenty of exercise
All diets are aided by regular exercise and the Wood-Burning Stove Diet is no different. Get out and about to collect free wood from fallen trees and branches. Not only will you have fun and get some great physical activity, you’ll also ensure your heating bills are slimline in no time at all.

Eat healthily
You need to make sure your stove is eating the right things. That means seasoned wood that’s low in moisture. Water is to your stove what sugary foods are to you and I, so keep your stove’s intake to a minimum. Green, freshly cut wood is not good for your stove at all.

Always snack before meals
A nice snack of dry kindling will help your stove to get the most of the logs you give it later. Lighting your stove with kindling warms the firebox and gets the stove up to temperature so that the fuel you then add is used to warm the room, not the stove.

Don’t overfeed your stove
Just like us humans, wood-burning stoves benefit from feeding less regularly. If you see the flames starting to die down you might think your stove is getting a bit peckish for more wood. But don’t reload your stove until the existing logs are reduced to embers. This cuts down your fuel expenses and makes your stove operate more efficiently.

Look long-term
Most diets fizzle out after a few weeks. With the Wood-Burning Stove Diet you have to keep in mind that the benefits are lasting. After your initial outlay to install a stove, you’ll continue to save year after year. So, once you’ve got those energy bills knocked into shape you know they’ll stay that way.

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