Monday 4 February 2013

Firebelly Firepod Featured on Cowboy Trap

Regular viewers of Cowboy Trap will have spotted this Firebelly Firepod in the latest episode of the series. Host, Clive Holland revists the Ellis Family in West Sussex, who purchased a four bedroom house for their young family with dreams of extending it and making it their dream home.
However the building work was left unfinished despite spending more than £90,000 pounds on it, the Cowboy builder left the property without a front door, a leaking roof and even had the nerve to ask for more money for Christmas!  However with the help of Cowboy Trap the Ellis family managed to get their build back on track.
A few years later Clive returned to see how they had got on with completing their build. He returned to find the house transformed with a new bathroom, kitchen and living room. The living room proudly featuring a Firebelly Firepod wood burning stove.

Clive Holland commented upon seeing the stove " it's just such a fantastic focal point and that on a nice winter's evening I'd rather be watching that than the tv" and Mrs Ellis commented that she is so looking forward to the winter when they can get the stove lit up and running.

The Firebelly Firepod is a stylish wood burning stove that boasts a large viewing window and airwash that mean a stunning view of the fire inside. The 10kW heat output and 78% efficiency mean that this stove is more than capable of heating a larger living space, while the outside air kit available separately means that no air vent is normally required.

Available in all the signature Firebelly colours, the Firepod is the must have focal point for a living space and can really make a house feel like a home.

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