Thursday 21 February 2013

Apex Fires

The Apex Capacious HE Gas Fire a modern highly efficient inset gas fire comes standard with manual control and can be upgraded to remote control, so the fire can be easily controlled from your sofa. The heat output of the Capacious is a hot 4.4kw and up to an amazing 89% efficient. This Apex fire is available in a number of different finishes including brass, brushed steel, polished steel and black, as well as a number of different styles of frets. And available with coals or pebbles for the fuel effect.

The Apex Samson balanced flue gas,fire the alternative choice to the Capacious if you don't have a flue, the Apex Samson comes as standard with manual control and again can be upgraded to remote control. Heat output of 4.4kw and up to 85% efficient, available with the same finishes and the Capacious, brass. brushed steel, polished and black. Also the fuel effect can come with coals, pebble and driftwood and like the Capacious can come with a number of different frets.  

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