Tuesday 15 January 2013

Fantastic Prices on Gazco Fires

In the 1920s and 1930s the Arts movement combined art and technology to bring aesthetic appeal to any object in daily use. This evocative style is still influencing contemporary design.
Adhering to the movement's original concept, the Arts Logic E Box Balanced Flue Gas Fire, echoes the style of the era whilst incorporating the latest gas fire innovations. It is available in the popular 16" width in either brass or silver and choice of coal or pebbles.Suitable for homes without a chimney or flue with an immediate external wall allowing the balanced flue to vent horizontally directly through to the outside of the property and boasting up to 86% efficiency meaning that very little energy is wasted.

Based on a traditional design, the Gazco Spanish E-Box fire has remained a firm favourite with homeowners for almost two decades.The silver finish with matching fret combines the very traditional styling with a modern twist, allowing it to be installed in more contemporary living spaces.
Running on natural gas, with a maximum heat output of 3.8kW, the Gazco Spanish E-Box boasts incredible efficiency of up to 77% and can be used with Class 1, 2, prefabricated & precast flues.

Specially designed for contemporary living, this stunning ‘hole in the wall’ gas fire creates a visual delight in any living space. Its central feature is a modulating single ribbon of living flame that dances above a bed of white stones for that stunning contemporary feel.
The Studio Edge gas fire is for those who require minimalist modern perfection. This premium gas fire has an eye-catching no-frame design and glass front for high efficiency, and is available in the Studio 1 size for a conventional chimney, as well as for a balanced flue for houses without a chimney.
The Studio 2 Edge, a slightly larger model is also available at  in a balanced flue model that allow the perfect compliment to a contemporary living space. All these Studio Edge fires boast remote control for ease of use as well as the balanced flue models feature the Edge installation kit, a small lip allowing you to plaster almost right the way up to the fire, truly a frameless finish. While the Studio Edge 1 for conventional flue features the cool wall installation kit, that requires a slightly deeper installation depth, however avoids creating hot spots on the wall above the fire.

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