Sunday 27 January 2013

Choosing an Electric Fire

Trying to choose a contemporary electric fire to suit your modern lifestyle? This can be a tricky decision, especially with so much choice out there on the market. Here’s a little guidance to help you on your way.
Before choosing your new fireplace, check that you have a mains supply. Then you need to think about why you have opted for an electric fire as opposed to the alternatives. Some choose to this low effort option because it allows you the effect and warmth of a fire, without having to install a chimney.  Others choose this route as it is a stunning addition to your home that many style conscious consumers have envisioned to be the focal point in their homes.
Whatever your reasons, keep in mind your particular requirements, as this will help you to choose the style and features that you desire.  This is a personal choice which will make a long term effect on your living space.

Perhaps you’re looking for a hearth on a budget, such as the Orial Deltona inset electric fire, the classically looking electric fire that works with both modern and traditional fireplaces. Or perhaps style is more important to you than cost, such as the latest new available model from Apex, the Rio Grande, featuring a solid natural stone fascia (shown with Travertine) boasts a stunning realistic LED Flame effect that uses next to no energy while on flame effect only while also boasting remote control, allowing you effortless control of your fire.

When searching online for ideas and designs, make sure to visit reputable sites which offer style ideas and package deals with the leading manufacturers, like Costa, Apex, Beaucrest and Orial all offering a large variety of different styles of electric fire. Also, finding information on new trends in the business  (We aim to keep you informed here at Fires, Fireplaces & Stoves) will keep your style current and up-to-date with the fashions of today.
Some sites even offer product reviews and real life stories of the people that have chosen to add this exciting fixture to their homes.  This could help you gain great ideas for your home and lifestyle.
If you are still undecided, one of the best ways to envision your new space is to actually visit a showroom in your area. Here a range of fires are showcased for you to view, and you can also seek advice from their helpful, experienced advisors, who can demonstrate all the features of any fire that takes your fancy.
The option is then either to buy in store or online.  Make sure to check for any postage or package deals, as this can really cut the cost of your investment.  Some sites even offer free postage, direct to your door, on their products!

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