Thursday 29 November 2012

Valiant Heat Powered Stove Fan

Many of us are aware of the heating power of the stove, sitting in front of a lovely warm stove with the warm glow coming through the glass and coating the room in the picture postcard glow.

However, when heating a larger room you will probably find that the area around the stove is lovely and warm, while perhaps just a few feet away on the other side of the room the temperature drops dramatically.

This is because of poor air circulation, there is nothing wrong with the stove, it's doing exactly what it's designed to; heat the space around it, but the heat isn't moving around the room.

This is where this accessory comes in, this little fan sits on the top of the stove near the rear and using the heat coming from the stove simply spins the blades and blows the warm air around the room, capable of moving around 100sqft of air per minute this stove fan ensures you room is a constant temperature with no cold spots.

The amazing thing about this stove fan is also that it is fully automatic and requires no electricity or external power supply, it is simply powered by the heat from the stove it is sat on, this means better air circulation which heats up the room quicker allowing you to adjust the burn rate of the stove and save you fuel!

Once positioned on your stove you can almost forget about the fan, silently spinning the aluminium blades to circulate the air while the stove is hot and slowing down as the stove cool

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