Monday 19 November 2012

Heat Even When the Power Goes Out - Wood Stoves and Inserts

Some of you experience power outages over the last few days, or you know someone who did. It is no fun when you experience an unexpected power outage, but it is worse when that power outage means no heat.

Heat your home with wood and avoid being cold when you lose power. Wood stoves and wood burning fireplace inserts heat your home all the time, even when you have no power. But they do more than that.  Heating your home or adding supplemental heat with wood stoves and wood burning fireplace inserts allows you to:
  • Cut down on your heating bill
  • Increase your home’s value and reduces your carbon footprint
  • Add ambiance to your home creating a beautiful gathering place
  • Makes your fireplace more efficient
  • Gives you heat when you have no power.
Winter can mean unexpected power outages all the time. Stay warm even when you have no power.

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