Wednesday 3 August 2011

Planning a new kitchen? Cut your energy costs

If you think that installing loft-insulation, fitting double-glazing, or changing your heating and hot water systems sounds disruptive – you’re not the only one. Many people feel that it takes time and patience to install energy efficient measures in their home - time they don’t have.

At the Energy Saving Trust we’ve listened and realised that it is more cost-effective and less disruptive to incorporate energy efficient measures at the same time you are undergoing smaller refurbishment work on your home anyway. Whether it’s fitting a new kitchen or refurbishing a room for the arrival of a new baby, you’ll already be ready for the disruption and the cost that comes with such projects.

So we have produced a series of room-by-room guides introducing the benefits of incorporating energy saving measures whilst refurbishing a home.

The first guide from this series is for kitchen refurbishment and is designed to help you choose the right energy saving measures when building your new kitchen.

The kitchen guide is a sneak preview into the series of guides coming out soon including: a bathroom and living space refurbishment guide and a loft conversions and heating and hot water systems guide. These will become available later this year.

So if you’ve got your eye on a new kitchen suite – grab a guide and see how installing energy efficient measures in your home will save you money in the long-run!

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