Sunday 7 August 2011

New Suites From Drugasar

Freshly imported from Holland, Drugasar, famous for its stunningly contemporary hole in the wall gas fires have recently released the Cara and the Grace suites based around the incredible popular Global 70XT.

They have now launched a new model, the Global 40, this new member of the Global range is smallest of the range, it would now fit into a standard 18inch opening!
To completement this new fire and its size, Drugasar have also launched a range of surrounds to fit the Global 40, these surrounds are designed for homeowners wanting a luxury fireplace solution without paying the kind of prices one would pay for the likes of Montpellier or even perhaps other Drugasar Fires.

The Global 40 is the first inset fire with the optional Ceraglass interior. This highly polished, heat resistant glass reflects the flame and adds that extra feel of depth to the fire.
There is also the option for a natural stone interior for those looking for a more rustic look, designed for a conventional flue the Global 40 (subject to the condition of your chimney) can be installed without a costly flue liner.

Operated by remote control and available in either natural gas or LPG, the Global 40 is a stunning inset fire with a maximum heat output of 3.3kW

The surrounds available with the Global 40 include the Aura and the Eclipse. Both of these British made solid stone surrounds feature downlights for that added feel of quality, while the Aura Surround is more of a traditional feel with natural cream stome surround and hearth with a contrasting black back panel drawing attention to the fire in the centre. Even when the fire is off this surround looks stunning, the downlights illuminate the fire itself and help the fireplace surround return to its prime as the focal point of the room.

The Eclipse surround is a slightly more modern surround with a striking black granite surround and hearth and cream stone back panel, again complemented with the downlights drawing attention to the fire in the centre, with both of these surrounds coming in at just a touch under 48inch shelf width they are small enough to fit in some of the smaller living spaces without dominating.

These fires are set to appear on most retailers websites in the coming days and are sure to be "hot property" when the heating season arrives

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