Monday 1 August 2011

And now for the Chorus!

Everyone wants to create the ideal warm, inviting atmosphere for their home; what better way to achieve this than with the glow of an elegant fire? The stunning Chorus CF fire from Paragon is just what is needed to add a homely feel to a modern interior. The gas fire allows you to create a designer look with none of the mess and cleaning that comes with an open fireplace!

The beautiful Chorus is a deep and large fire so it produces an impressively tall flame with an attractive glow; a real eye-catcher! The fire comprises a glass fascia and realistic log-bed giving it the feel of an authentic fire with a modern twist. Installation is designed to be straightforward - it is available as a hole-in-the-wall installation and can be fitted into any standard chimney breast with either Class I or Class II flues. There is also no need for the chimney to be lined; saving you time and money.

As well as its striking good looks, the Chorus CF has much to offer in terms of efficiency. Fuelled by natural gas, and with an input of 5.5KW and output of 4.2KW of both radiated and convected heat, the fire achieves an unbelievably high efficiency of 84%; providing this stylish look at an affordable price. This modern fire is controlled by an infra-red remote control which lights the pilot light as well as the fire, not only saving energy and carbon emissions but making your life easier as well!

The curved glass fascia is almost completely unique amoung gas fires and looks stunning, bringing the fire into the room while also not sacrificing any important floorspace. The elegant curve of the fascia gives reference to smaller electric fires such as the Bemodern Orlando while also offering a more realistic fuel effect with real gas flames and a heat output that will happily heat even some of the more spacious living spaces.

The Paragon Chorus conventional flue gas fire is now on display for your viewing pleasure at the Fireplace Megastore at a price (which we're not allowed to disclose) that I'm sure exceptional value for money.

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