Friday 5 August 2011

New From Europa. The Helmsley Suite

The latest range from leading manufacturer Europa is the Helmsley suite.
This 54inch wide suite features a gently arching headed and classical roman style detailing on the legs, while offering a very clean overall appearance means that this suite would not look out of place in either a contemporary or traditional setting.
Available as either a gas or electric suite allowing almost anyone to enjoy the Helmsley suite in their own home. The electric version features a 2kW fan heater as well as ultra low energy LEDs to control the flame effect meaning you can relax and enjoy the realistic flame effect without having to worry about how much it's running up your meter reading!
The gas version offers a maximum heat output of 3.8kW with the choice of traditional coal or contemporary pebble. Both the gas and electric suites have the option of a brass or a silver trim and fret to match existing fittings in your living space.
Both of these models feature a flush boxed profiled hearth with clean lines adds to the feel and flexibility of being put in either a contemporary or a traditional setting.

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