Thursday 27 December 2012

Robinson Willey Complete Electric Fire Suites

Robinson Willey have embraced the current trend in electric suites and now can boast an impressive and popular collection of modern and traditionally styled suites.
The reason for the growth in popularity of electric fireplace suites is the ease for which they are installed and maintained as well of the focal piece and feature they create in a room.
Many people see the fireplace as an essential and central part of a living or dining room. Electric fireplace suites allow a fireplace feature to be created quickly and can be secured once situated for long term use by fixing to the flat wall they are positioned against.
Electric suites therefore are great in any home, including flats or apartments and homes/living spaces without chimneys where occupants never thought a fireplace would be possible. Although we wouldn't recommend it as you should check with the specific manufacturer before doing so we have heard of electric suites being used in caravans, motor homes and barge boats!
Robinson Willey have looked at the popularity of the electric suite market and aimed their sites at making affordable, stylish and innovative suites. They include kettle connections and the use of LED lights to help conceal the electrical lead upon installation and ensure longevity of the fires stylish flame effect.
The new collection of Robinson Willey suites includes the fireplace surround, back panel, hearth and modern electric fire. There are a wide range of wood effect veneer finishes are available for the surrounds that feature either a crisp clean modern finish or more detailed traditional finish.
So they have catered for the modernist of traditionalists amongst us so there is truly something for every taste.
These electric suites are light weight which helps when delivering to flats or apartments. They are designed to simply be positioned against a flat wall and plugged in, further securing and lead concealment is optional and helped by Robinson Willey fires thought to use kettle lead connections with their suites,
So even if you rent your property you can have a stylish fireplace feature that can move with you should you relocate.
All in all a great collection of suites that are well worth considering should you be in the market for some electric heating in your home.

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