Monday 3 December 2012

New: Drugasar Global Fires Collection

Dru fires extend their existing range of Global fires and re-release the much loved Dru Global 100 Fire.
The design of the new Global fires, like all Dru's, is to a very high standard. The Global 60XT Balanced flue, Global 60 Corner M and Global 60 Triple M all excel as balanced flue (BF) fires, and share the same fireback and realistic fuel bed effect options. The main difference between these Global 60 fires are the external appearance.
The Global 60 XT has a single large window and lends itself ideally to more traditional settings and is suitable for traditional insetting into a fireplace.
The Global 60 Corner M suits a corner positioning, this is often the case in many homes so depending on the side you wish the window to appear on you could make a feature of your fireplace, or create a prefabricated fireplace. (Remember as a balanced flue, a closed system, vents it's fumes directly through an external wall, so there is no need for a traditional chimney).
The Global 60 Triple M has three sides from which the fire can be viewed. This is quite the show stopper and will impress all that gaze upon it's beauty. But the question must be asked as to how many people will actually be able to accommodate such a design without a little building work taking place. Still well worth the extra disruption for many years of enjoyment!

Drugasar continue to push the boundaries of design and innovative fire features, and it shows the high quality and integrity of the company that they also review their successful fire designs and improve them along the way. Such an example of this is the new Global 100XT BF fire. The 100 XT has now been improved and look as amazing and desirable as ever. We understand that a conventional flue (chimney) version of this fire will be available soon and we will let you know as soon as it is available.
If you like these Dru Fires and would like to purchase one please ensure that the company you buy from is a DRU Dealer to ensure excellent customer service and product support. Keep checking back for further information about Dru Fires here on Fires, fireplaces, stoves.

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