Friday 28 December 2012

Lumia Cast Iron Suites

It can be a nightmare ordering cast iron inserts and surrounds and trying to establish which surrounds are compatible with which casts and whether the opening size is wide enough to showcase all of the cast detailing. It can confuse even the most knowledgeable retailers (I know i've managed to confuse a few with asking what would fit with what while researching this article!), but Lumia has released a range of suites that take all the hassle away. Based around the incredibly popular Lytton and Jubilee highlighted cast iron inserts the Lumia range of cast iron inserts showcases a variety of materials from Limestone to Black Granite and from contemporary to more traditional designs.

All  are available with either the Lytton or Jubilee cast iron inserts, both in a traditional highlighted finish, with a natural gas fire for class 1 chimneys or flues and are made from solid cast iron with cast back and fixed damper to give that truly authentic feel. While not offering much in terms of heat output, they certainly look and feel the part with living flames and a ceramic coal bed that glows almost like the real thing.

 The first of the range is the Lumia Bingen (above left), probably the most contemporary of the four, featuring a natural oak effect finish fireplace surround with a 54inch shelf width. This suite combines with the natural warmth of oak with the cold of polished cast iron when off, but when lit the cold highlighted areas reflect the warm glow of the fire and transform the cold iron into a warm focal point for your living room.

The second in the range is the Lumia Galileo (right) features the same choice of insert,either the Lytton or Jubilee inserts, but combines it with a stunning Corbel Black Granite Fireplace Surround. The Lumiaa Galileo offers a very period feel fireplace package with strong vertical definition on the black granite fireplace surrounding the black cast iron, contrasting with the highlighted cast iron insert and making truly drawing focus to the roaring gas fire in the centre.

The third in the range is the Lumia Muxloe Fireplace Package, (left) and much like Lumia Bingen would be ideally suited for both tradition or contemporary decor with a neo-classically styled limestone fireplace surround with stong lines that help the frame the cast iron insert perfectly. The natural stone colouring of the limestone helps to take the harsh edge off the black cast iron and softens the stark contrast between polished and matt black.

The final suite of the range is the Lumia Thurso Gas Fireplace Suite, This is probably the most classical of the range, featuring a solid Perla micro-marble fireplace surround. Overall these fires offer a great selection of gas fires, suitable for practially any living space.

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