Wednesday 20 April 2011

New Europa Electric Fire Suites

Europa has continued to extend their high quality products range, it now includes the Europa Brome, Europa Serdica and the Europa Blumberg complete firpelace suites.
These 3 Europa electric fire suites come with a choice a electric fire, and each uniquely designed firpelace surround the back panek and hearth. The optional fires have a range of finishes and all include a remote control which gives an added touch of class to the suites. Europa have also allowed the option for the electric fire, that has a maximum heat output of 2kW, to feature a realistic coal or pebble fuel bed effect as both fuel effects come with each suite, so if you change your decoration, or mind, you can alter the fuel bed effect.
As the size and success of Europa continues to grow it is always worth perusing their products to see what latest developments and designs have most recently been released.

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