Saturday 30 April 2011

Brilliant E-Motion

Is the Fire On The Right Gas Or Electric?



Not Sure?

The Brilliant E-Motion looks like a full depth gas fire, but is in fact a very slim inset electric fire. It has been designed by the makers of the Newdawn, Brilliant and features the same silent LED flame effect that will cost you less than £1 per year to run based on using the flame effect EVERYDAY for 5 hours a day.

The flames emerge from within the fuel bed and appear to be burning in a ribbed fireback, the unique flame effect will make almost anyone question whether they are looking at an electric fire or an actual gas fire!

Available in a choice of black, brass or silver finishes and features the Media Fret in black, aluminium or brass finishes allowing the flexibility to suit almost room style. The slimeline depth means that this fire can be fitted against a flat wall in any surround with a 76mm standard rebate. This means even houses without any additional depth can have an ultra-realisic fire without having to use a spacer.

The E-Motion boasts a slimline canopy, making the fire look even more realistic without a bulky canopy sticking out of the front of the fire. Highline master controls and concealed heater controls feature a thermostat and 1 or 2kW heat output settings.

This ultra-realistic fire is now on display at the Fireplace Megastore

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