Thursday 11 October 2012

The Latest Fire From Apex

Just as the weather starts to get cold and the nights start to get longer, Apex have launched a brand new fire that offers one of the most realistic flame effects on the market. The Apex Culture hang on the wall electric fire features a new LED flame effect and log fuel bed to really create the illusion of a real living flame.
Breaking further from the traditional reflective black glass that has become all to common and can often look just like a television, the Apex Culture is available in two stone effect colours, White Stone Effect, for a stunning white finish and Stone Effect (Shown Above) that offers a beautiful stone effect that looks almost identical to the marble.

A Slimline landscape design with only a 78mm projection into the room means that this fire is among the slimmest on the market and with silent flame operation means you can have the flame effect on and just sit next to the fire, without the noise associated with a ribbon flame effect.

a 2kW fan heater provides the heat that exits from the base to allow flat wall TV installation above, allowing you to create that stunning focal point in any room, combining arguably the two most looked at items in any living space. The Apex Culture is certainly destined to become 'hot' property

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