Monday 15 October 2012

Can A Double Sided Stove Work For You?

It is often the case with larger properties built around a central chimney breast that people would like2 appliances, one for each room either side of the chimney breast. However it is also common that when carrying out the home survey the engineer discovers that one of the chimneys the customer wants to use was a false chimney, False chimneys are not suitable to use with solid fuel as they are not heat resistant and the gasses from a solid fuel stove will always be over 100 degrees.

This means that if the customer wanted a second stove they would either need to have a class 1 chimney built or install a factory made metal chimney both of which are costly and can be very messy and require a large amount of building work.

This could mean that you are restricted to just have one multi fuel appliance and settling for an electric in the other room. But all is not lost, with a double sided stove from manufacturers such as Firebelly, then it may be possible to knock through to the opposite room and can help open the house and ensure heat is spread throughout the house.

Having a double sided stove rather than two separate units can save customers from having large amounts of additional building work completed as well as potentially offering a large saving on purchasing one appliance over two in seperate rooms.

It always helps to have a HETAS engineer come round and look at your property and asking them what can be done. You won’t get this kind of help and advice when you buy a stove off the internet so it’s always a good idea to visit your local stove retailer for advice when purchasing a stove, you might be pleasantly surprised!

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