Sunday 12 August 2012

New Fires From Evonic

Proud UK manufacturer Evonic Fires has added to their range of strictly showroom exclusive electric fires with a couple of eye-catching electric fires that certainly break the mould of black glass, flat hang on the wall electric fires that have become all too commonplace in recent times.
Named the Octane and Volante these two stunning electric fireplace suites offer a presence not normally available with hang on the wall electric fires. Appearing to float the Volante and Octane feature the same dancing ribbon effect that gives a truly unpredictable flame picture and white pebble fuel bed. The Octane is the smaller of the range and is shown left, while the Volante is 44 inches wide, offering the a contemporary alternate to small fireplace but without sacrificing floorspace, or requiring carpet to be cut around it.

The Calcite white top and bottom platforms create a stunningly modern aesthetic with the flame effect dancing below the 2kW remote control fan heater, capable of quickly taking a cold edge off a room. Contrasting the warm glow through the pebble and log fuel effect on the Octane that really helps create a warm ambience around the fire, even with just the flame effect.

Another brilliant feature on the Volante and Octane is the addition of slightly tinted glass strips either side of the flame effect, these can give stunning reflections of the flame effect, adding another dimension to a fire that already stands out from the crowd.

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