Saturday 18 August 2012

Bird falls down chimney on to fire...and lives


THIS lucky duck got a mum in a flap — after falling down her chimney straight into a roaring fire. 


Stunned Helen Marsh was watching telly at home when she heard a “whooshing” sound and soot started billowing from her fireplace.
It got so thick she was forced to leave the room — returning to find the flustered mallard sitting on her sofa nursing singed tail feathers.
Accountant Helen, 47, said: “We tried to catch it but our dog was going crazy and the duck was flapping soot all over the place.”
She managed to trap it in her porch where it sat in a box lined with newspaper until the RSPCA took it away to release into the wild.
The duck was thought to have been sat on Helen’s chimney stack — and lost its balance.

Helen, of Solihull, West Mids, had to pull up her sooty carpets and redecorate.
She said: “When I told my friends, they didn’t believe me — until they saw the state of the room."

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