Wednesday 11 July 2012

Meg Inset Stoves...

...slot straight into any standard fireplace...

... and really get hot !

Meg Inset Stoves are real convector fires - meaning, just like their high-efficiency glass fronted gas counterparts, they collect heat from behind, above and even underneath the fire and divert it by natural convection into the room. They are not mere decorative inset stoves like many of thier competitors.

And, just like like Meg Freestanding stoves, with their giant empty-once-a-month ash bins and self-clearing windows Meg multifuel stoves are uniquely clean to use, generating controllable heat at efficiencies up to 80%. 

The Contemporary range has an understated and modern design with a high quality finish. The large viewing window allows the beauty of the flames to shine through and when not in use a Meg Contemporary will fit beautifully in any domestic setting.
Using renewable biofuels like wood logs Meg stoves have CO emissions below an astonishing 0.2% - five times better than even the strict European Standard - and so little smoke that all Meg stoves are actually exempt from city Smokeless Zones thoughout the UK and Ireland.
All multifuel models can burn wood, coke, smokeless and all stove fuels, even difficult fuels like anthracite and have heat outputs of approximately 4.5 and 7.5kW. In many installations they do not even need an air vent into the room.

Why not pop into the Fireplace Megastore and get a first hand feel for the freestanding and inset stoves built just up the road

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