Thursday 19 July 2012

Elgin and Hall Fireplace Surrounds

Elgin & Hall are continuing their tradition of producing stunning fireplace surrounds. One of the latest is the Sophia Fireplace Surround, we take a closer a look at this showroom exclusive range of fireplaces from Elgin & Hall

Name the classic material associated with fireplaces. It's marble, naturally. Elgin & Hall marbles comes from time-honoured sources in Italy, Spain and Portugal. Small pieces of real marble are crushed and reconstituted to give the authentic finish, micro marble, This durable stone has a beautifully variegated surface which you can only fully appreciate first hand – looking, touching, admiring. While eliminating any natural defects you may find in a solid natural stone fireplace.

To make sure your fire surround and your room are in perfect agreement, you can choose from four finishes, each with its distinctive tone - Manila, Italica, Pearl Stone and sumptuous White. Many models including the Sophia give you a deeper recess to house Smartsense lighting and a choice of widths up to an expansive 53 inches, ideal for most living spaces. You can further ring the changes with the shape of the hearth – standard lipped, five-sided or bullnose.

Another unique feature is the Smartsense Lighting. Imagine brushing your hand across the surround and suddenly your fireplace and hearth is bathed in light.
Every natural detail of the marble is brought to life and your whole room gains soft background illumination. You've just triggered the sensor that turns on the Smartsense lighting concealed in the top recess.
This aesthetically pleasing yet energy efficient feature is an option on many models across the range. Why not pop into Fireplace Megastore, to browse a selection of the latest Elgin & Hall fireplace surrounds and get a feel for the quality only seeing the products give.

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