Monday 19 March 2012

Chimeneas: The Outdoor Fireplace

With the worst of the winter weather now behind us, most of us will be turning out attention to the garden and the summer holidays. We Brits love what sunshine we get during the summer, what better way to spend the evenings as the sun goes down that outside in the garden with a refreshing drink in your hand.
But as we all know as the sun goes down the temperature drops, what better way to keep warm as the sun goes down that with a chimenea. As the story goes, chimeneas originated hundreds if not thousands of years ago by Mexican tribesmen who developed the chimeneas as a means of providing heat for their family as well as a vessel for cooking and baking. The original chimenea was designed to keep the rain off the fire and the family warm using merely a couple of sticks, but how times have changed with Chimeneas becoming a must-have garden accessory for keeping you warm once the sun has gone down. These stunning multi-fuel burners can either burn wood with Fires starting very quickly in chimineas after ignition with (news)papers and small pieces of wood. When in full burn after just 15 minutes, they give off tremendous heat due to their design which allows much more air to be drawn in than, for example, a fire basket.Or, for a more laid-back and controllable option most Gardeco Chimeneas are available with a removable bio-ethanol burner for a easier to manage fire.

Available in a number of styles ranging from the rustic brick effect Gardeco Cantera Clay Chimenea shown right to some more extravagent designs such as the Gardeco Amigos Clay Chimenea, which features highlighted clay figure detailing around the flue and firebox opening. Both of these quality clay chimeneas come with a matching clay lid and as they are built from a single piece of clay, not including the lid then there is not assembly required, simply place on the supplied stand or upgrade to the powder coated stand with two shelves, ideal for placing drinks or light snacks after having a barbecue.

For those looking for a more understated chimenea then why not have a look at the Gardeco Elements Air Clay Chimenea, simple and flowing lines and natural terracota finish mean that this chimenea is simple, yet functional.

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