Monday 4 July 2011

The Aga Rangemaster Just Met It's Match!

Almost everyone has heard of the Aga rangemaster cookers, most people now even call that style of cooker an "Aga" regardless of the brand that actually made the fire!

That complete dominace of the market is about to come to an end, Broseley have released a range of range-cookers that both rival the Aga Rangemaster in terms of stunning good looks, build quality and

The Broseley ThermoSuprema 18.5DSA Boiler Stove combines the features of a traditional range stove and combines it with that of a boiler stove while not sacrificing anything in terms of appea
rance. As a centre piece to your kitchen, this robust, quality built cast iron room heater/cooker will complement any surrounding. The Thermosuprema 18.5 has a large viewing window, which adds to the ambiance of the room, bathing the kitchen area in that lovely warm glow and giving suggestions of where we have come from over the last few centuries, from cooking over an open fire to now using a stunning cast iron range cooker that cooks you food whilst heating your home with the ability to complement existing domestic hot water and central heating systems.The appliance is DEFRA-approved for use in a smokeless zone.

Boasting additional features such as heat conserving double doors,Crankable Grate to allow easier air flow to the fuel, Chrome Fender and handles, Removable Hob Rings, Large Storage Drawer and Temperature Gauge for the best cooking experience.
So, whether you're cooking up a simple dish or the most complex of modern recipes, you can rely on your Thermosuprema to perform beautifully.

Safety Cold Water System
All boiler cookers feature the Broseley ‘Safety Cold Water System’ which allows these woodburning boiler stoves to be connected directly to a sealed heating system without the necessity for extra feed and expansion tanks. Ideal for link up systems with combi boilers, thermal stores, solar themal and many other heating sources. All installations on a sealed heating system need to be carried out by a Broseley Fires trained engineer to ensure the optimum set-up is created to give the most heat to your home.

Available in the both the standard cast finish as a cream finish for that added touch. I feel the cast iron finish works brilliantly with the firebox basking the room in the lovely glow, while you can see your food cooking in the oven next to it and see the your pans on the top bubbling away. A truly enjoyable and some would say romantic cooking experience that heats your home as well as

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