Thursday 9 June 2011

Mixing Fire And Water

Some say Fire and Water do not mix, The people at House2Home Megastore and Ambiente disagree...
The recently launched House2Home website has just unveiled the Kohala Three Polished Tubes Fire And Water Feature from Ambiente. The Kohala 3 Polished Tubes with Fire and Water Feature is a unique self contained water feature made from grade 304 stainless steel. Consisting of three brushed stainless steel tubes with colour changing LED lights, changing into 7 different colours, a unique feature that creates a stunning light show when reflecting up and off the clean stainless steel finish.
But LED's aren't the only light source on the Kohala, at the pinnacle of each stainless steel tower is a small bio-fuel fire, this, combined with the water gently running down the sides of the stainless steel tubes creates a very contemporary finish and a must have for any garden, but why confine such a contemporary and unique item to the garden, the included reservior can be placed into a planter to situate the fire in an office foyer or restaurant to reallly add that special touch. The flames use a clean burning ethanol eco fuel and would look work well in conjunction with an Apex Bio-Fuel fire indoors, utilising the eco-friendly and clean burning fuel to both heat your living room and create a stunning outdoor focal point for those long summer evenings.

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