Friday 3 June 2011

The kind of Fire Everyone Loves In Summer!

Seeing as Summer has now arrived as the weather forecast is looking good for a lovely hot summer, we thought we'd turn our attention to a type of fire that everyone loves outside...BARBECUES!

Napoleon Gourmet Grills originated in Canada as a small business and has had great success and is now broadening its horizons to pastures new. Now being offered over here in the UK by House2Home Megastore!

The company is very proud of its heritage and are proud of their product, and so they should as they're range of Barbeques is definately something to boast about!

The success surely comes from the high standard of materials used on the products and the high specification finish to them too. An example of this is how Napoleon use only the finest 304 grade steel for the components and how externally the barbecues or grills are coated in a rust resistant coating. Napoleon also include a lot of innovation in there appliances. They now produce charcoal, gas and electric grills, from smaller portable grills to grills for the family and even professional grills too.

Accessories are also a great addition to the grill provided, and Napoleon have brought innovation and style to these items as well, allowing you to have your very own spit roast or rotisserie, purpose built griddle, built in ice bucket or even cook on a plank of wood for the added flavour! Obviously most of these ideas have been conceived before, but to have them integrated into your home barbecuing experience is something quite special.

The overall feeling about these BBQ grills is that they are very very good quality, and the higher up the range you go, the more features you acquire, the quality is superb throughout the ranges and worth having a look, some of these barbeques have more features than even my gas cooker in my kitchen!

Most Napoleon barbecue grills come with a limited lifetime warranty, for the length of time that you own the grill, indeed a lifetime. Napoleon Gourmet Grills only allow their products to be sold by reputable dealers whether online or in stores so if you get the chance then have a look, they’re sure to impress, and maybe next time you think of having a BBQ you’ll think of Napoleon!

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