Wednesday 1 December 2010

Top 5 Gas Stoves

This is a list of the top 5 gas stoves currently available from, this list has been determined by 4 main factors: efficiency, cost, heat output, styling. From the wide variety of stoves on offer it is almost impossible to decide between the vast range of quality options available. I hope this litte article makes thing easier for you.

At number 5 it is the Tiger Classic Gas Stove, this solid cast iron gas stove is great value for money at just under £500 and with a 5kW heat output and 73% efficiency means it is great value for money, the one downside with this fire which places it at number 5 on this list is the relatively plain styling to the stove, but even this plain and simple styling features a large viewing window that offers an impressive view of the coal fuel effect inside. A worthy inclusion into this top 5.

Coming in at number 4 is the Firebelly FB1G, this ultra

contemporary stove is well worth a look, at 6kW of heat output the stove packs a hot punch and with 78% efficiency is cost effective heating. Available in 18 different colours and with optional stainless steel legs, the FB1G will fit in with almost any style of decor. And with a price of just under £900 is slightly more expensive than the Tiger but comes with a remote control as standard and offers a more contemporary finish that could fit in with most styles of decor.

Half way through now and coming in at number 3 is the Gallery Firefox 5 gas stove. This is one of the most affordable gas stoves on the market today with a price just over £450. This relatively small sized stove does give out a fair amount of heat, and is no slouch at 73% efficiency. It also is unique as the whole main body of the stove is made in a single piece and incorporates a 'clear view' window that keeps the window clean to allow that gorgeous orange glow to escape. The only drawback is to this fire is the smaller size of it, perfect for a smaller living space, but doesnt quite offer the same visual impact of the larger stoves.

Coming in as the runner-up on this list is the Broseley Canterbury, this stove is available in a gas, electric and multi-fuel option with the gas version our focus in this article. Developing a maximum heat output of 4.6kW and running at 80% efficient so does not require any additional ventilation into the room. The Canterbury is an effective, efficient and affordable gas stove that has a traditional styling and with a variety of door trim to add that individual element to the stove. This stove, along with the others in the Broseley range are definately the first place to look for a traditional looking stove so deservedly come high up the list, All are available with an exclusive cashback offer when purchased from FireplaceSupermarket.

And Coming in a Number 1 is the Drugasar Solo
Balanced Flue Gas Fire, this stunningly contemporary gas stove from Drugasar is amoung the best on the market at the moment, developing 4kW of heat with an 82% efficiency rating. The Solo features a large viewing window that offers the best view possible of the flames inside, finished in high-quality anthracite and also coming as standard with a remote control this fire is certainly one of the first places to look for a contemporary gas stove and... for that reason it is top of this list.

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