Tuesday 21 December 2010

How To Recreate The Look And Feel Of A Period Fireplace

With the period look and feel becoming ever more desirable as people move away from cold contemporary or traditional furnishings and more towards something that gives a feel of history and period architecture.

Carron due an amazing range of period cast iron combinations and baskets which would be a perfect solution for anyone looking to recreate that 19th century period look and feel, but we are going to suggest a surround and cast iron insert for your reading pleasure.

Traditional fireplaces are very much the focal point of the room, both in size and in appearance, their presence on the hearth demands attention, and when the fire is lit then the room is filled with the warmth and glow from the fire.

The Carron Thakat fits the bill exactly for a period fireplace, made from solid Acacia wood, that during the 19th century would have been brought back from the colonies of Africa and Australia, this dark wooden surround stands proud on the hearth at 54inches wide and 41inches high. The dark wood finish of the surround, combined with the rustic detailing and corner pieces really gives the impression of an antique fire surround.

The perfect companion to the Thakat surround is the Ce Lux cast iron insert, as shown in the image above.

The Ce Lux surround is made of traditional cast iron and is available in the very traditional cast black or in the slightly more modern highlighted finish which accentuates the victorian detailing around the arch, this adds to the real period feel.

The Ce Lux cast iron arch is available with a natural gas, lpg or solid fuel option allowing you to choose the fuel option most appropriate for you. With gas prices forever on the rise (seem to be constantly mentioning that at the moment!) the solid fuel option is becoming ever more popular and I must say that this surround and cast iron insert combination really works with the solid fuel option, it gives a more lively flame picture and fills the room with more of that wonderful glow that warms everything in the room.

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