Thursday 23 December 2010

Celsi Hang On The Wall Electric Fires

The New Celsi hang on the wall electric fires are becoming even more popular as more and more people discover the state-of-the-art flame effects and features that make these items
the must have fire for the future.

Combining the very best contemporary styling with innovation, the Celsi hang on the wall electric fires are the ultimate electric fires with the most realistic and convincing flame effect on the market today!

The curved and panoramic utilise sleek black glass to create a stunningly modern and contemporary finish and combine features that almost all other fires can only dream of having. These features include a changable flame picture, you can choose from Blazing Log, Smouldering Log or Flaming Coal flame pictures to create the perfect ambience and atmosphere, to add to this ambience, choose from either blue, orange or white backlighting to really draw attention to this fire and help set the mood. Celsi fires also feature a sleep timer which is a great feature meaning you dont have to worry about forgetting to turn the fire off. The volume can also be adjusted on this fire allowing the volume of the cracking log fire or burning coal fire to be turned up for ambience or down just for the flame image only.

The Celsi fires are some of the most versatile on the market, creating a focal point in any room, a lounge, kitchen or even bedroom! The Celsi fires are also unique, they dont only give a stunning flame effect, they also give you the sounds of a real fire, adding to the experience, further adding to the illusion of a real log fire hanging on your wall. The Celsi fires also come with a remote control as standard so with the press of a button you can control heat, flame effect, volume, brightness and the flame speed.

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