Saturday 16 October 2010

New Bemodern Range of LED Electric Fires

Bemodern Fires have recently unveiled their latest range of inset electric fires. These fires incorporate the unique and very interesting LED flame effect that has been utilised on the Bemodern Orlando and Arizona hang on the wall electric fire. See the flame effect here.

This highly original flame effect, in my opinion, is a vast improvement over almost any flame effect on the market, it is eyecatching and almost has a level of unpredictability that just isnt possible with a normal ribbon flame effect.

The Bemodern range of LED inset fires uses the styling and high quality finish on existing Bemodern inset fires such as the Bemodern Savannah or the Abbey inset electric fire. All the LED inset electric fires from Bemodern feature a quiet fan heater with a maximum heat output of 2kW that will quickly take the cold edge off of most living spaces. While the LED flame effect creates a great image while being incredibly low-cost to run, with the high-quality LED's that could run for up to 100,000 hours before needing to be replaced. So if you had the LED flame effect on for 8 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year then it would be almost 24 years before you would need to replace the fire!

The Bemodern Abbey takes this innovative flame effect and combines it with the traditionally styled Cast-Iron Effect Arches that would help this fire blend well with any traditionally styled decor. The Abbey also features a thermostat to maintain that comfortable temperature, and help make life that extra little bit easier.

The Bemodern Enrico LED Electric fire is another popular inset electric with a very popular and contemporary brushed steel finish. The Enrico features a very realistic coal fuel bed that works brilliantly with the LED flame effect. Both versions of the fire are displayed below, as you can see the standard Enrico on the right uses the very conventional and standard ribbon flame effect, whereas the LED version on the left provides a far more realistic flame image, moving away from the smooth edges of the ribbons that detract from the flame image and moving towards the unpredictable and almost random edges provided by the LED flame effect. The upward movement of the LED flame effect also adds life to the flame effect and makes it even more realistic.The Bemodern Camberly is another inset electric fire that has been rejuvinated with the inclusion of the LED flame effect is the Camberley, this fire uses the traditional buttress style fret, available in black, chrome or brass. The polished brass finish looks very bright and highly impressive, combining the latest LED flame image with a bright and impressive traditionally styled inset electric fire.
Whereas the Camberley inset electric with the ribbon fuel effect unfortunately doesnt quite have the same sort of presence, this is probably due the the new deep level trim employed on the Camberley that gives the fire more stature on the hearth and also adds to the feel of a real fire rather than a slimline electric.
The Bemodern LED flame effect is an innovative flame effect and is available across a wide range of Bemodern inset electric fires as well as the highly desirable Orlando, Arizona and Quattro hang on the wall electric fires with more fires almost certainly in development!

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