Friday 8 October 2010

The Aga Ludlow Stove

Aga are a household name, well known for desirable product ranges and high quality cast iron construction, they keep producing the best products available to enhance their longstanding ranges and most recently have added the Ludlow cast iron stove to the collection.
The Aga Ludlow is now available as the Aga Ludlow Multifuel stove and as the Aga Ludlow Woodburning Smoke Exempt Stove, providing the perfect stove for your needs.
The Aga Ludlow is a stunning example of a solid cast iron stove that generates a tremendous heat output and is suited to traditional and contemporary homes.
Following the outrageous success of the Aga little Wenlock stoves, the Aga Ludlow stove has kept the desirable design appeal of the Aga range, with stylish black wired handle and similar control systems to the Wenlock. An addition to the control system is the tertiary intake air flow control that allows exceptional control of the air wash system. As well as great design, the Aga Ludlow can boast a tremendous 9.7kW maximum heat output, which is hot, hot, hot! The nominal heat output is 6.5kW and the efficiency of the Ludlow is 76%. The Ludlow can also be fueled up and left to burn all night, resulting in a lovely toasty warm room in the morning. As well as the impressive design appeal and even more impressive high heat output and easy, effective controls, the Aga Ludlow includes a removable shaker grate, fire fence, ash pan and front ash tray.
The Aga Ludlow is designed to be used with a class 1 chimney and has a 5inch diameter top flue and is sure to be a product destined for great popularity, so get hold of yours while the stocks last (or wait for the next batch to be made!!).

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