Thursday 13 September 2012

So Popular The Internet had to have them

We've previously reported the Flamerite had released the Flame Essence Iona as well as a number of other incredibly slim inset electric fires and suites. These have proved so popular of the last 12 months, that Flamerite have released these fires for sale online. The Flamerite Iona, Flamerite Bailey and Flamerite Addison feature the new ultra-realistic Solar Flare flame effect and with an inset depth of just 18mm means that these fires will fit on a flat wall with any fireplace surround and the choice of styling ranging from traditional or contemporary.
These fires have also been made available in a number of suites such as the Darcy, shown right, this suite is perfectly suited for smaller living spaces with small shelf width and shallow hearth to reduce the floorspace taken up.
These suites are ideal, with a single 1500w heat output with hidden venting that is directed down so the heat circulates the room perfectly.

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